Hill Villa Remodelling

This 1870s villa has seen many changes! By the time the present owners bought it, only the wide matai floor boards and the mortise-and-tenon framing gave any clue to its real age.

The challenge was to create a home that is contemporary yet reflects the qualities of the original house.The new first floor sits largely within the existing roof line.The stairwell creates a dynamic space in the center of the house. Skylights and strong colours enhance the sense of drama. An expanse of concrete in the front yard has been converted to a family-friendly outdoor living area with a pool and decking, and the traditional narrow verandah has been expanded to form an outdoor ‘room’ from which to enjoy the views.

Art Deco Remodelling

A two-bedroom Art Deco cottage has been extended and updated to take advantage of its stunning seaside setting. The footprint of the house is relatively unchanged, but the ground floor has been reconfigured to improve indoor/outdoor flow and allow the kitchen to take advantage of the sea views.

Upstairs, the master bedroom, bathroom, study and second living area each have distinctive views of the Bay. Glass balustrading to the upper deck allows uninterrupted views of Scapa Flow while keeping the sea breeze at a distance. Detailing -such as the stair balustrade, tiled bathrooms and kitchen design- have been kept simple to reflect the Art Deco origins of the house.

Kent Terrace House

A new home for a family with three teenage children. The Y-shaped plan allows separation of the children’s bedrooms and bathroom, the garage/utility zone and the adults’ bedroom and sitting room, with the center of the house containing kitchen/family/dining.

The shape of the house creates a sheltered north facing courtyard, with a gabled dining terrace to provide outdoor living all year round. Plastered render-brick walls with expressed lintels enhance the solidity and simplicity of this home.